Kevin Brock

September 17, 2008

Educating Rita — review

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Ah, time passes. ‘Educating Rita’ received this review in the funny language spoken in Austria…or you can read it in English. If you must.

“A scorcher of a start to the new season — what more can a theatre wish for? One is simply completely happy when in the International Theatre in Vienna, for everything works in the performance of ‘Educating Rita’: from the choice of play to the performers to the director, (Kevin Brock).

The intellectually somewhat shallowly informed hairdresser Rita (Roxanne Carless with wonderful English lower-class accent) has got it into her head to get a degree. For that she finds herself under the wings of the equally brilliant and frustrated, as well as alcoholic, professor Frank (the excellent Jack Babb). He eventually sees in her a new challenge in his stunted life and seems to, with ambition and passion, to once more seize the day.

Perfectly portrayed is Rita’s transformation from a shallow and inexperienced girl into a student. Here the development of her language, the ever changing clothes (costumes by Gloria Sattél) and the development of Rita’s personality into maturity work to perfection.

A thoroughly convincing performance with humour and spirit which makes this modern day adaption of the Pygmalion-story a real joy.

Von Alecander U. Mathé”

(roughly translated by Ine)

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